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how we'll treat your problem

Okay, so let's say we've diagnosed what's going on with your sewer line and sadly SOMETHING needs to be done to take care of it.


Actually the line may just need to be cleaned thoroughly from a proper clean out access point. Again, we are sewer inspection and repair specialists and don't offer drain cleaning services. There are several companies in the area that can help and we do have some partners we can refer you to as well.

HEADS UP: This may only be a temporary solution. PLEASE proceed with caution as there are a few companies that say “You Better Call THEM” because they will open your main drain line and perform a sewerscope for "X" number of dollars and it sounds like a good deal. Educate yourself. This could be part of their sales tactic (see below). There is a HUGE difference between getting the water to drain and actually cleaning the sewer line.

Opening vs Cleaning - Poking a hole in a mass of roots or other material may get the water to drain, but it could clog back up very quickly. A true drain cleaning usually requires that a technician “runs the line” at least two times and sometimes more in an attempt to ensure debris is dislodged and thoroughly flushed away. Some companies use a “loss-leader/low ball pricing tactic" just to get into your home. A technician might send the equipment through the line once just to “open the drain”, but remember, there's a difference between “opening” and “cleaning”. At this point they might tell you that the line needs to be run again and there will be an additional charge which most people agree to because they're already there. And it's these types of shenanigans that gives the rest of us a bad name. They may then use a sewer scope to show you the line and tell you how bad it is. Don't just take their word for it. Get a Second Opinion from the SewerDr.


Uh oh. We understand the last thing you want to hear is that a repair is needed in order to get this annoying and damaging problem to go away. Unfortunately, the problem will not get any better and in most cases it will get much worse if it's ignored. By not dealing with it now, you could be causing yourself more financial hardship in the future. Let us again reassure you that we will NEVER recommend a repair unless we believe it's TRULY needed. This is why we recommend you Get a Second Opinion from us before you drain the kid's college fund to pay another company. Having worked for similar type companies, let's just say at times repairs are made more often than is necessary. Types of repairs that might be recommended:
A SPOT REPAIR This type of repair usually means there is a specific place in the sewer line that is causing most of the problem. We will dig at that location and make whatever repair is needed. Fix what's broken and nothing more.

A FULL LINE REPLACEMENT This usually means there are problems in multiple locations in the line and it might be most cost effective to have the entire line replaced in order to treat the issue. Often this is the best choice if you've been spending more and more money to keep the line draining and open. If this is the case, we will dig up the line between two agreed upon points and install a new line that will work like it should and last for DECADES!
What about my landscaping/lawn?
In order to repair or replace your sewer line, we're going to have to move some dirt. This means the yard will be dug up. When we have fixed your problem, the yard will be restored as good as possible. We will tamp down the dig site, but there will be a small mound that will settle over time. It will simply look like what it is, that a hole has been dug and filled. We will put down straw and seed as well. We can put sod back for an additional fee. You the homeowner will be responsible for ongoing watering, of course.
Repairing Sewerage Pipe — Fix Sewer Pipe in Kansas City
What about my floor?
If it appears that the repair is underneath your floor we'll have to go in after it. While every effort will be made to ensure that we create the smallest opening possible, a floor break is necessary. We will make the repair, fill the hole and cover it over with concrete. We'll do our best to smooth it out and make it look as nice as possible, but you'll be able to tell that a repair was done, there's just no way around it.

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