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Let's examine what's wrong with your sewer line



When we're sick, what do most of us do? Head to the doctor for an exam, right? That's exactly what we're going to do with your sewer line. We will perform this sewer exam using a special video camera to give a "colonoscopy" to your home! Don't worry, your house won't feel a thing.
We'll get an up close and personal view of your sewer line, and YOU can see for yourself, live, on screen everything we're looking at that allows us to make a proper diagnosis. Our camera inspection ensures that we diagnose the problem accurately so you can know for certain if your home has a clean bill of health, or needs some treatment.
What can you expect to see? Well, normally we see roots, offset pipes and bellies. Some better, some worse than others. Sometimes we see broken and collapsed lines and every now and then we'll see a critter.

What if I'm not having any problems?
The thing to keep in mind as the home owner is that you need a clear picture of what's happening every time you flush, do the dishes, shower and do the laundry. Having a sewer scope exam is just like getting a check up. This exam is the only way to get a thorough understanding of the condition of your sewer line presently and to know if there are any issues lurking.
When should I have a sewer inspection? It's obvious that if you're seeing problems a sewer inspection is a must. But what you may not have thought of is that it is especially important when you're considering buying a home. We have seen time and again the heart break and discouragement of a family that has only been in their newly purchased home for a short while before a sewer disaster strikes. Imagine standing in your new home's basement, surrounded by moving boxes still not unpacked and your floor is covered in several inches of water and sewage. Or your newly remodeled family room with freshly laid carpet is now covered in muck. If only a sewer inspection had been done before buying, you could have known about this imminent threat and taken action. You wouldn't buy a car without a peek under the hood and you shouldn't buy a home without a thorough sewer inspection by the SewerDr. There's no other way of knowing for sure the true condition of the sewer line.
How much does this cost? That's some of the best news! A full line sewer inspection is only $169, which is about 20% to 50% less than other companies with no high pressure sales pitch, gimmicks or tricks, our customers all say it's a great investment.

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