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Let's Diagnose the issue


Well now, what seems to be the problem?

What you're looking at here are very common problems that plague sewer lines. Some more common than others, but any of these could be happening under the ground either with or without showing any symptoms.
Broken pipe — SewerDr in Kansas City
This is an example of an old clay pipe that is breaking down. You can see the cracks and breaks all along the line. The condition of this sewer pipe is particularly precarious as there is no way of ... Read more
Pipe with roots — SewerDr in Kansas City
This is a mass of tree roots and organic materials that, overtime, have breached the integrity of the sewer line and are causing a blockage. Roots typically come in at the joints in clay tile pipe ... Read more
Offset — SewerDr in Kansas City
This is an offset. If your home is more than 30 years old there's a good chance that it has a clay tile pipe sewer line. Unlike today's PVC pipe, clay tile pipe was typically assembled in one, two or ... Read more
Broken pipe — SewerDr in Kansas City
This line is completely broken down, which can happen over time. This is an example of a collapsed section of clay tile pipe. Any number of things could have caused this including roots pressing in on the pipe from the outside, a shift in the ground or what is also becoming more common, the line ... Read more
Belly photo — SewerDr in Kansas City
A belly is hard to get a photo of. However, this illustration shows you what it is. The earth shifts under your line and though the pipe doesn't necessarily break, it does sag and creates a blockage. See the narrow passage created from that low area? Just like narrowing of our arteries results in ... Read more
Of course, we can't be sure which is any of these things is happening under the ground until we run a camera into the line to take a peek. None of these things automatically mean you need a new sewer line, but sometimes, corrective action may need to take place if they are too severe.
Here is how we Treat them.