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ATTENTION Realtors, Inspection Services, Home Buyers and Sellers

If you're intending to buy or sell a home or you represent someone who is, a sewer inspection is a must. Protect yourselves and your clients with a visual inspection of the sewer line for only $169. First hand experience has shown us that allowing buyers to forgo proper pre-purchase due diligence is not good for business. We've seen what can happen more than once, even within the first week of a buyer being in their new home. You can imagine that new home owners who find themselves forced to make unexpected, costly and potentially avoidable repairs are generally less than happy customers and tend to look to agents and home sellers for recompense. In other words, no sewer inspection, could mean a no win situation for all. Don't let this happen to you.
Protect the buyer. Protect the seller. Protect YOURSELF. Lawsuits are piling up because of broken sewer lines, and home sellers and real estate agents are usually included in these litigation proceedings.

NOTE: Concealed/underground sewer lines are many times excluded from a standard home inspection. You must ask for a Sewer Inspection specifically.
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