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Finding yourself here today may just mean one thing...
You're having sewer problems. Well you've come to the right place. We've inspected thousands of sewer lines so you can trust that we know what we're doing. We've seen it all. Worn out, broken, sick, dying, sad, pathetic sewer lines. The kind of sewer lines that wreak havoc and destruction on your home and life. If not cared for properly, your sewer line can ruin valuable property, create unsanitary conditions caused by sewage-backup, not to mention the stress of living with the uncertainty of when it's going to happen again. Will it be when company is over for the evening or you have family in from out of town? The reality is that problems in the past usually mean problems in the future, and ignoring it sets you up for disaster.
SewerDr specializes in the examination, Diagnosis and Treatment of residential sewer lines, but we're not a 24/7 drain opening service.
If this is an emergency and you're currently experiencing a backup of your drains please call a drain cleaning service to come and clear your line, but fair warning...if you're told you need a new sewer line or repair, "GET A SECOND OPINION" from SewerDr. We make house calls and our bedside manner is excellent. We won't resort to scare tactics or tell you a problem is worse than it actually is. Many times, things just aren't as bad as you may have been led to believe. If it turns out, however, that you DO needs a new sewer line, we're specialists and you'll be glad you found us.

Why OVERPAY with a "Big Bob Rooter" type behemoth when you can work with a professional locally owned company dedicated to over-the-top customer service, value and integrity above all else. We focus on quality...NOT quantity .
We work by appointment only so call us or shoot us an email and we'll try to contact you back the same day. Sound good? Great, let's get you going...please move ahead to Examine or straight to Contact us.
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